I am a dance artist and a student specializing in Choreological Studies at Trinity Laban, London. In the course, over three years part-time, we look at and develop our personal artistic practice through the lense of the body of work developed by Rudolf Laban until its current development in the field of dance and performance, embodying theory in practice. It is divided into three main areas which can be approached in any order: The Dynamic Body;  Relatedness in Motion; Living Architecture. We use symbology but we don’t learn Labanotation. We don’t get a Laban Movement Analysis diploma but a qualification as a choreologist.

This is an interactive document answering to the written assignment of my third and last year, focusing on the concepts and practice of Living Architecture and Choreutics (also called Space Harmony).

“ (B) Referring to writing on choreutics and illustrating from current practice, present your understanding of at least five of the following concepts for movement arts: kinesphere, proxemics, lability, scaffolding, scale, harmony, ‘land of silence’.”

Its original version is for the web and is available in PDF on

Space and relationship. PDF doc

To start read online now click here 

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