Bibliography for Space and relationship – An exploration of and a reflection of Laban’s spatial concepts in current practice


G. Bachelard (1943). L’air et les songes (transl. Air and dreams). Librairie Jose Corti, Paris, France

G. Bachelard (1958). La poétique de l ‘espace (transl : The poetics of space). Beacon Press, Boston, USA (1992)

E. N. Franklin (1996). Dance imagery: for technique and performance. United Graphics, USA

R. Laban (1935). A life for dance. Translated by L. Ullmann. MacDonalds & Evans Ltd, Bristol, UK, 1975

R. Laban (1966). Choreutics. Dance Books Ltd, Alton, UK, 2011

Paramananda (2007). The art of meditation – the body. Windhorse publication Ltd, Birmingham, UK

V. Preston-Dunlop. Nature of the embodiment of choreutic units in contemporary choreography (PhD thesis, 1981). Laban Centre, London, UK

V. Preston-Dunlop, A. Sanchez-Colberg (2002). Dance and the performative: a choreological perspective. Verve publishing, London, UK

Online litterature:

P. Baudoin & H. Gilpin (2004): Proliferation and Perfect Disorder: William Forsythe and the Architecture of Disappearance. Accessible at (last accessed 15 May 2013)

R. Laban (1926). Choreographie – Origins of a conception of Body-Space. Online translation J. Scott-Longstaff & E. Zierach (2011) available at, last accessed 15 May 2013

Infography, internet database:

Video links: (William Forsythe, Solo) (Forsythe&Caspersen) (Paxton&Stark-Smith) (Ballets C. de la B., D’avant) (Eva and Franco Mattes, Reenactments) (Aikido practice demonstration) (Rosemary Lee, Square Dances) (Yoann Bourgeois, Cavale)

All of infography and video links were last accessed on 15 May 2013.

Photography credits (in order of appearance):

Antony Gormley, Model at The White Cube

Sasha Waltz & Guests, Impromptus and Körper

Rosas (Ann-Teresa De Keersmaeker), Zeitung

Yoann Bourgeois, Cavale

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